Chargeback &
Risk Management

The MSS Pay Chargeback and Risk Management provides solutions to mitigate customer chargebacks and manage monetary risks in your company.

Chargeback &
Risk Management

MSS Pay offers many services to help manage your chargebacks, defend your company reputation and keep more revenue in your business.

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Chargeback Management

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Manage Your Chargebacks

Chargebacks can affect your ability to maintain the money your company brings in and the longevity of your business.

Chargebacks occur when a customer disputes a transaction with their bank and the money is reversed back to the cardholder.

Customers may dispute transactions based on discrepancies of service, these may include damaged or defective goods, lack of service, poor quality of service or perceived risks of fraud.

Once a customer disputes a transaction the transaction costs are delivered back to the customer while the bank initiates their investigation.

If your company is proved to have delivered an adequate service or product, the money is reversed back to the m

Ensuring your company is fulfilling the needs of your customers, offering clear and secure transactions and tracking the right documentation can help you keep money in your company.

The better the service and security you provide your customers the better your business reputation, risk level and maintained revenue.

MSS Pay provides Chargeback and Risk Management solutions to keep your business protected from lost revenues, brand damage and potential risks to your companies ability to accept payments.
Through evaluating your company best practices, we can assist in ensuring proper measures are taken to mitigate risk.

Verifi CDRN

Verifi CDRN solutions provide your business with an immediate resolution to recover lost revenue with fraud notification and tracking, dispute management, and prevention.

Verifi represents the full process of your company disputes from customer interaction, to reversing chargeback fees back to your company, allowing you to reduce fraud discrepancies, and improve customer experiences.

Verifi handles disputes in 3 main areas: dispute prevention, dispute resolution, and dispute representation.

1-  Dispute Prevention, takes care of friendly fraud. 

2 – Dispute Resolution resolves other types of fraud and non-fraud by offering refunds, cancelations, or other methods of your choice.

3 – Dispute Representation ensures Verifi handles all aspects of disputes to get you the most won settlements and recovered revenue.

Utilizing MSS Pay’s Verifi CDRN solutions can help your business maintain revenue, increase customer satisfaction and prevent future risks.

Ethoca Alerts

Ethoca alerts can help your company fight back and stop chargebacks before they happen.

Ethoca Alerts are enhanced chargeback notifications that inform merchants of customer disputes quickly so your business can take immediate action to resolve them.
Ethoca alerts make it easier for you to stop a customer dispute before it gets too far along in the process. When you receive an alert you can quickly reach out to a customer and come up with a resolution or solve a present problem to increase your chances of a dispute being dismissed.

Utilizing our Ethoca Alert solutions can save you company reputation and help recover and maintain lost revenue.

Risk Mitigation​

Every business needs worthy risk mitigation solutions to ensure they are protecting their revenue, security and overall business assets. MSS Pay ensures your company is protected from multiple angles.

MSS Pay utilizes your business and industry analytics to develop quality solutions to mitigate risk.
We ensure you have an efficient way to track and store your analytics, transaction history and more.

We work with you business to manage the daily risks of chargebacks.

Implementing proper transaction names.

Keeping adequate documentation.

Making secure transactions and more.

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