Cryptocurrency Payments

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Cryptocurrency 101

Learn more about how cryptocurrency payments can help your business grow.


MSS Pay Crypto Payments

Our solutions house all cryptocurrency payment types from Bitcoin and Ethereum, to dogecoin and other less popular crypto options.



Learn about how Bitcoin-compatible ATMs can bring in extra revenue for your business.


Cryptocurrency Course

Need an introduction to the world of crypto? This course will help you learn the basics and enhance your skills so you can profit from your investments.

Cryptocurrency Payments:
Be Part of a Rapidly Growing Payment
Processing Option

Crypto Payments is well on its way to becoming a key payment method for merchants.

Over 6% of businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments.


What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital cash payment method customers can use to pay for goods online. Leading cryptocurrency payments include brands such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


How does crypto payments work?

Cryptocurrency is stored in eWallets of the customer's choice. Once the currency is in their wallet they can use it to purchase products in a variety of ways. Some ways customers can pay include scanning the QR code of a product on your site or paying directly by inputting your product URL link that appears on your business checkout page.


How can I start accepting Cryptocurrency Payments?

You are charged a transaction fee for online transactions made through your cryptocurrency platform. Our solutions house all cryptocurrency payments and offer security and saving advantages for your business and customers.

MSS Pay Crypto Payments for Merchants

Our solutions house all cryptocurrency payments. This allows you to enhance your business by offering multi-currency compatible payment methods that are secure and simple to use.

Increased Sales

Crypto Payments gives your business access to an untapped multibillion-dollar coin market cap, without the risks of the crypto markets.

Crypto customers are looking for a secure outlet to cash out and spend their crypto-holdings, why not spend them with you?

On top of providing customers with a payment option with lower transaction fees they also delight in increased account security equipped with features like 2FA, email notifications and IP address confirmation.


Guaranteed Protection

Cryptocurrency Processing comes with a zero volatility price swing policy so your business can ensure you will receive exactly what your product or services are priced at without fluctuations.
  • No chargebacks 
  • Offer multiple cryptocurrencies alongside your traditional payment options 
  • Easy integration and deployment into your POS terminals and eWallets
  • Reduced processing costs 
  • Sell to a fast growing audience 
  • Ability to accept cryptocurrency online or offline
  • Accept cryptocurrency payments form any eWallet
  • Implement secure cross-border transactions
  • KYC, AML, IP Verification
  • Publicly traded in Canada, Germany, and the US
  • Secure outlet to spend crypto-holdings 
  • Lower transaction fees 
  • Seamless and secure mobile payments 
  • Identity theft protection 
  • Account security 
    • 2FA
    • Email Notifications
    • IP address confirmation

Crypto Pricing

You are charged a transaction fee for online transactions made through your cryptocurrency platform. Unlike other traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency transaction fees are not based on merchant payment risk levels and are considerably lower than other popular payment methods.

Transaction Fee


Bitcoin ATMs

As Crypto Payments continue to expand, having a store equipped with a Bitcoin Enabled ATM can bring in a lot of business.

Bitcoin ATMs

MSS Pay Bitcoin ATM solutions provide your business with the customary features of any ATM, while enhanced with state of the art technology and bitcoin compatibility.

Enjoy the convenience of having a cash provider in store, additional income, and an ATM that puts your business on the map for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin customers are looking for ways to spend their currency and easy access to refund their accounts.

Bitcoin ATMs allow customers to use their debit card to buy more bitcoin and will also allow them to cash out in the near future.

Providing ATMs in store is a great way to save on credit and debit card transaction fees and encourage more cash payments.

Supplying bitcoin reload options brings possibilities for new and diverse customers to visit your business.

ATMs offer another source of passive income coming into your business.

Buy a full ATM where you keep all of the profits from bitcoin and cash transaction fees or house an ATM in your business where you will earn a percentage of transaction profits.

Cryptocurrency Course

Want to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency? Take this interactive course to help you make better investment decisions whether you are new to investing or have already started your cryptocurrency dive.

Level Up your Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Expand your cryptocurrency knowledge with a 4-hour comprehensive course designed to help crypto beginners and experts to take their investments to the next level.

With 10 people max per class, you can enjoy the convenience of focused interaction and attention where you can ask questions and learn the leading cryptocurrency trends.

In this class, you will learn the primary ins and outs of bitcoin.
You can expect to leave this class knowing how the blockchain works, an overview of the history of money, how to use bitcoin as an asset and how and where to buy bitcoin to start your cryptocurrency journey.

In class 2 we introduce you to the key aspects of understanding the bitcoin 4-year cycle and how to use it to your advantage.

Expect to leave this class with insight on how bitcoin’s adoption curve works, how to determine the value of your bitcoin in 4 different models, the relationship between bitcoin mining and the 4-year cycle, and all about earning interest in crypto.

In this course we expand your crypto options, presenting a variety of other cryptocurrencies you can invest in.
Expect to leave this class with knowledge of multiple cryptocurrencies and how they affect bitcoin, smart contracts and the central bank of digital currencies.

The last class provides tools and resources to advance and launch your cryptocurrency journey.
Expect to leave this class knowing how to read crypto charts, the current bitcoin price analysis, key buy and sell signals and more key resources and tools.

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