Trial & Continuity

Securing a Trial & Continuity merchant account can be difficult but, MSS Pay makes it easy. The industry offers quick payments and cancellations for their customers. However, business transactions in the trial industry are a lot more complex. Fortunately, with the right payment solutions you can enjoy a long-lasting merchant account.

Trial & Continuity at a Glance

 Merchants in the trial industry require key solutions to keep their payment accounts and business thriving. Find out more about the industry and what MSS Pay can do for you. 


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Trial and Continuity continues to rise in today’s market.

Customers can try new products and services at low costs, and cancel as they please.

These conveniences help customers adjust to life situations as they may arise.

Though, these services can quickly cause trouble for merchants, if not handled by the right payment processor.

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Trial & Continuity
Industry - Focused Team

At MSS Pay, you enjoy a specialized team that knows the demands of your industry.

As well as, a team who tracks the regulations for selling and managing your services.

First, our team analyzes your unique business features and needs.

Next, our team makes sure you are in compliance with the guidelines in your industry.

Then, we set you up with the right solutions to succeed.

We take care of your payment solutions so you can focus on your business.

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What makes Trials and Continuity High Risk?

Trial businesses handle multiple subscriptions, transactions, and services on a daily basis.

Though, due to the rate of cancellations in the industry, services can be short lived.

Trial based services require multiple recurring payments.

Furthermore, trial based products leave more room for customer complaints and disputes.

These features can lead to multiple opportunities for chargebacks, fraud, and loss of income.

Payment Solutions Tailored for Trial & Continuity

MSS Pay offers full service solutions for trial and continuity that help mitigate risks.

Our services keep money in your business and help increase revenue.

Additionally, we provide the best equipment that can handle frequent transactions, cancellations, and subscriptions at ease.

The right tools make managing your account a piece of cake.


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