MSS Pay offers a wide assortment of Contactless Payment options to meet the growing demands of the present and future.

Technology At Your Convenience

Contactless Payment Service from MSS Pay ensures you have the latest advanced technology options available for your choice of equipment. This brings more conveniences for your business, customers, and overall tracking. Our POS systems, terminals, and mobile solutions are customizable to include any contactless payment you may require for your business.



MSS Pay Contactless Payments can be made in person, on the go, or online so your business is equipped to take payments on any occasion. Contactless Payments offer less wear and tear of equipment overtime so you can preserve your investments. Contactless Payments is just another way your business can offer to make your customers’ lives and transaction experiences easier.


MSS Pay contactless payment solutions feature equipment that are fully customizable and integratable.

Contactless payments communicate to your existing system so you have all your data and product information in one place.



Contactless payments benefit all industries. 

They offer a special convenience and sense of security from retail and store based businesses to the largest ecommerce marketplaces.

Choose your equipment

Cutting Edge Technology

With MSS Pay’s large selection of payment solution services, we offer multiple pricing options to match your full solution packages for your business.


Point of Sale (POS)

With MSS Pay POS devices help increase business efficiency and operation in the long and short run.
POS systems feature advanced technology and app marketplaces that bring ease and security for running your business.


Full Solution Terminals

MSS Pay’s card terminals are simple but powerful. They offer secure transactions, back office reporting and immediate cost saving for credit and debit payment methods. Businesses have the option to accept contactless payments that fully integrate right into your existing terminal.


Contactless Payments transaction fees are based on a variety of factors, such as card types and authorization policies, industry level of risk for returns or chargebacks, and even company sales.

MSS Pay will walk you through what factors affect your merchant transaction costs so we can choose the best option to mitigate your merchant processing costs.

Interchange Plus

The cost plus pricing option is the most competitive and cost-efficient plan. We offer a complete itemized list of services and pricing in a detailed statement so you know exactly what you will receive.

Flat Rate

Our flat option is as simple as it sounds. A flat rate for all solutions you require is calculated in an easy-to-understand statement.

Cash Discount Program Pricing

Cash Discount Program | Pass the Fee

Our cash discount pricing enables you to save up to 95% off your processing fees for your business. This plan keeps money in your business so you can continue to grow.

Other Payment Processing Services

MSS Pay offers your company tailored payment processing services. Learn more about them:


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