Payment processing from MSS Pay offers your business a variety of solutions to fulfill demands.

Full Payment Processing Solutions

From direct in-person transactions, contactless payments to future crypto payments, we consider your industry in the present and future to recommend the best options for your customers.


Credit & Debit Card

MSS Pay provides full packages that contain everything you may acquire to accept Credit & Debit Card Payments, in the way you want to receive them.
We supply point of sale systems, pay terminals, and online payment technology with the latest smart software and more!


Contactless Payments

The growing comfort of paying contactless in stores continues to rise.
MSS Pay will make sure your company is ready to tackle payments in the present and the near future with our contactless options from POS systems to Crypto Payments.


E-commerce Solutions

At MSS Pay you can feel confident you are choosing the right e-commerce solutions for your online business. The options are endless with features like one-time or recurring payments and online shopping carts. We walk you through the best-recommended solutions for your specific industry.


Cash Discount Program

At MSS Pay we recognize the value that saving money has on continual success in your business.
Our cash discount program ensures you are taking advantage of cost-saving opportunities for the payment methods your business accepts.


Cryptocurrency Payments

MSS Pay will ensure your business is equipped to gain a competitive advantage as cryptocurrency payments like bitcoin quickly grow in the payment processing industry. Crypto payments offer benefits to retain money in your business as well as a cutting edge and advanced payment option for your customers.



Choosing the right invoicing solutions is imperative to managing your business in the daily and the long run.
MSS Pay offers advanced, interactive technology that enables you to manage invoicing online or through smart devices at a glance or full analysis.



ACH payments offer extra security for your business and clients by taking transactions directly through a trusted bank.

MSS Pay ensures all payment solutions are available to fit the preferences of your customers.


Gift & Loyalty Cards

MSS offers gift and loyalty card processing solutions that allow your company to create brand loyalty while taking payments.
Gift and loyalty cards help market your business and leave an impression of your company in the minds of your customers.


With MSS Pay’s large selection of payment solution services, we offer multiple pricing options to match your full solution packages for your business.

Cost Plus | Interchange

The cost plus pricing option is the most competitive and cost-efficient plan. We offer a complete itemized list of services and pricing in a detailed statement so you know exactly what you will receive.

Flat Rate

Our flat option is as simple as it sounds. A flat rate for all solutions you require is calculated in an easy-to-understand statement.

Cash Discount Program Pricing

Cash Discount Program | Pass the Fee

Our cash discount pricing enables you to save up to 95% off your processing fees for your business. This plan keeps money in your business so you can continue to grow.

5 Steps to Start Processing Payments

There’s no better time than now to start your long-term relationship with the right payment processor. MSS Pay will provide your business with all the necessary tools, equipment, and recommendations no matter what goals you have in mind.


Apply Online

Use our simple and easy application to get started in just minutes. From the time you submit your application, MSS Pay goes to work.


Provide Documents

A pre-filled document detailing your application will be sent for signature and agreement.

We will audit your business needs and opportunities for overarching success. We will request any additional documentation needed to recommend solutions for your business.



There may be questions that arise while continuing our analysis. MSS Pay is always ready to help so feel free to reach out.

A member of our team may also contact you for any additional information needed to ensure proper onboarding and solutions to your demands and concerns.


Account Set Up

Once your account is set up, we will provide your account information and work with you to set up your equipment or website so you can begin taking payment.


Process Payments

Just like that, you are ready to start accepting payments. MSS Pay will continue to keep an eye on your business and quickly step in with recommendations as needs may arise.

Other Business Services

MSS Pay offers your company tailored business services. Learn more about them:




Chargebacks & Risk Management




Start Accepting Payments Today!

MSS Pay equips your business with tools, products, and services to drive, manage, and accelerate your business forward.