Credit & Debit
Card Processing

Credit and debit card processing is the most common way to accept payments for all industries. MSS pay will make sure you have a processing method that fits your business, customers, and your individual preferences just right.

Credit and Debit Card
Solutions for all Industries

At MSS Pay we offer a large selection of merchant processing solutions to help your business manage payments fast and secure.


Retail & Restaurants

MSS Pay will get you squared away with a processing system that helps you tend to your business without delay. Our speedy and advanced POS solutions keep up with the demand of your business.


E-commerce & Online Marketplace

MSS Pay e-commerce solutions allow you to feel confident in your online payments with software that provides secure and simple integration, fraud protection, and seamless payment acceptances.



With MSS Pay hospitality solutions, businesses can save with discounted fees that allow you to take multiple payment methods, and manage deposits, refunds, and reservations.


CBD, Hemp & Cannabis

MSS Pay enables your business to accept payments tailored to your industry.


Nutraceuticals & Supplement

MSS Pay recognizes the need for a payment processor that can help you tackle the ins and outs of the nutraceutical industry. We offer credit and debit solutions that excel when it comes to controlling customer chargebacks, cancelations, reinstations, and more.



Finding the right payment processor for your e-cigarette or vape shop can be challenging. Mss Pay ensures your business will have the needed support to ensure chargebacks and risks are mitigated to keep your business thriving.


High Risk Merchants

MSS pay recognizes the necessity of having a payment processing partner you can rely on. Our High-Risk Merchant solutions provide you with peace of mind knowing that we understand your business and industry and know exactly how to help protect it.


Subscription & Multi-Year Memberships

MSS Pay offers quality software that quickly recognizes error and protects against fraud so you can manage chargebacks and the sometimes fickle nature of the membership industry.

Choose your equipment

Cutting Edge Technology

MSS Pay Equipment positions your business to run smoothly and effortlessly. Our full service solutions take care of any payment processing, tracking, storing and more that your business may require to manage your services.


Point of Sale (POS)

MSS Pay POS devices help increase business efficiency and operation in the long and short run.
POS systems feature advanced technology and app marketplaces that bring ease and security for running your business.


Full Solution Terminals

MSS Pay’s card terminals are simple but powerful. They offer secure transactions, back office reporting and immediate cost saving for credit and debit payment methods. Businesses have the option to accept contactless payments that fully integrate right into your existing terminal.


With MSS Pay’s large selection of payment solution services, we offer multiple pricing options to match your full solution packages for your business.

Cost Plus | Interchange

The cost plus pricing option is the most competitive and cost-efficient plan. We offer a complete itemized list of services and pricing in a detailed statement so you know exactly what you will receive.

Flat Rate

Our flat option is as simple as it sounds. A flat rate for all solutions you require is calculated in an easy-to-understand statement.

Cash Discount Program Pricing

Cash Discount
Program | Pass the

Our cash discount pricing enables you to save up to 95% off your processing fees for your business. This plan keeps money in your business so you can continue to grow.

5 Steps to Start Processing Payments

There’s no better time than now to start your long-term relationship with the right payment processor. MSS Pay will provide your business with all the necessary tools, equipment, and recommendations no matter what goals you have in mind.


Apply Online

Use our simple and easy application to get started in just minutes. From the time you submit your application, MSS Pay goes to work.


Provide Documents

A pre-filled document detailing your application will be sent for signature and agreement.

We will audit your business needs and opportunities for overarching success. We will request any additional documentation needed to recommend solutions for your business.



There may be questions that arise while continuing our analysis. MSS Pay is always ready to help so feel free to reach out.

A member of our team may also contact you for any additional information needed to ensure proper onboarding and solutions to your demands and concerns.


Account Set Up

Once your account is set up, we will provide your account information and work with you to set up your equipment or website so you can begin taking payment.


Process Payments

Just like that, you are ready to start accepting payments. MSS Pay will continue to keep an eye on your business and quickly step in with recommendations as needs may arise.


Other Payment Processing Services

MSS Pay offers your company tailored payment processing services. Learn more about them:


Contactless Payments


E-commerce Solutions


Cash Discount Program






Cryptocurrency Payments


Crypto-currency Payments


Gift & Loyalty Cards


Start Accepting Payments Today!

MSS Pay equips your business with tools, products, and services to drive, manage, and accelerate your business forward.