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MSS Pay Reviews

Smooth and Simple Experience

“Working with Merchant Solution Services was a really smooth and simple experience. I’ve worked with other merchant processors in the past, and this was a totally different experience. I filled out a simple pre-app and then received a bank application the next day! We signed that app and were approved very quickly. We are an online and telephone educational sales business, so these accounts aren’t easy, but MSS made it a simple process. I also received an audit the next month that proved the savings we were promised! It was awesome! I highly recommend these guys to anyone in need of an account."

Lauren Curtis, Altuis Test Prep, LLC

The Right Payment Processor

"We had been struggling for almost half a year. We were trying to use a number of other credit card processors to help us get set up with credit card processing for our CBD store. The only regret we have is that we didn't call them first. Within 2 weeks, 2 WEEKS, we had not one, but two approved applications. (gotta have one for backup since the bank rules and regs change so frequently in this industry) Our shiny new CC processing machine, and were all ready to take our first sale."

Tyler Burdis, Black Hills Vapors

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Solutions you can Count on

"As a new company in the CBD space, we knew there would be some hurdles to clear as we got up and running. After spending nearly four months working with three different processors, we were tired and frustrated. A friend told me that CBD Credit Card Processing would get me taken care of, so I followed up - however doubtfully. To my surprise, they did exactly that! Despite being on vacation when my application was submitted, Ryan had my paperwork processed promptly and we were approved and accepting transactions within a week of first contact. I can't recommend them enough!"

Matt, Kender Health

The Company you've been Searching for

We have been in search of a company that can really set us up with a processing account. We have tried several solutions, but the applications went nowhere. So we skeptically decided to give CBD Credit Card Processing a try. We were so impressed with the process and especially how fast we were set up and processing. I highly recommend using them."