High Risk &
Hard to Place Merchants

MSS Pay delights in providing reliable merchant accounts for High Risk and Hard to Place Merchants. We understand the tricks and challenges that your business industry faces and have a variety of solutions that help you mitigate risk and have worthy payment processing accounts.

MSS Pay is Specialized in High Risk
& Hard to Place Merchants

High Risk industries need accounts that offer top notch underwriting, advanced security, and risk processing knowledge so your business can obtain the best payment solutions.

Vape Shops,
Cigar & Tobacco


Coaching & Biz Opportunity

Credit Repair & Debt Consolidation

Digital Downloads & Document Prep


& Seminars

High Ticket
& High Volume




& Tour

Webdesign & Advertising Services

Multilevel Marketing


High Risk Illustration

MSS Pay Welcomes High Risk Merchants

MSS Pay handles millions of high risk and hard to place merchant accounts. Our expert knowledge and experience makes it easy to direct you to solutions proven to work! 

Industry-Focused Team

When you have a payment processor dedicated to your specific industry, the solutions you recieve are unmatched.

Merchants in your industries have to keep up with multiple rules and regulations that continue to change, chargeback and risk management while also trying to run their business as efficiently as any other industry.

MSS Pay transfers the workload from your business to our Us, so you can focus on the demands of your business.

Solutions for your Industry

MSS Pay offers advanced technology and security equipment that can handle all of your transactions, while tracking and analyzing customer payment data so you have less work at the end of your day.

We work with your business so that you obtain the knowledge needed to mitigate risks and chargebacks and retain money and implement just the right solutions to accelerate your business.

Why Choose MSS Pay

Even though other companies may turn away higher risk merchants, MSS Pay welcomes you because we have the tools and solutions to ensure you are equipped to succeed.

Payment Solutions Tailored for High Risk Industries

MSS Pay payment processing solutions cater to your business no matter what ways your customers choose to pay. 

We consider your business with a white glove approach to make sure you are getting the best solutions at the best rates.


Start Advancing your business with our services!

MSS Pay equips your business with tools, products, and services to drive, manage, and accelerate your business forward.