Preparing Your Business For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is the best time of the year and not just for your family, but for your business too. Statistics show that business sales increase over 20% during the holidays, and that majority of business revenue is racked up in these few short months. How can your business take advantage of this increase in sales? Implement the following elements into your business this Holiday Season and watch the dollars roll in.


For Business Efficiency:

  • Set sale goals and projections.

First things first, get an idea of what you expect your business to make during the holiday season. Here are some questions you might consider to figure out your business projections. Do you have products or services that are in high demand for shoppers? Are you running significant discounts and sales from the regular price of your products or services during the holiday-facing months? Are you rolling out new products or services for the holidays? How much did your business sales increase during the last holiday season? Use these questions and similar factors to get an estimated sales expectation. Once you set this goal you will have the basis of how you will have to adapt your business to meet the demands of the holidays.

  • Hire enough hands.

Depending, on your expected business demands you may need to hire additional staff. If you can not afford to keep them year-round you can hire seasonal workers who are looking to make some extra money for the holidays. The last thing you want is bad customer experiences due to not having enough hands on deck.  

  • Implement quality payment equipment and software.

Payment technology and software can make or break your business, especially in busy seasons. If your business has already been complaining of slow speeds, faulty equipment, and any other inconveniences, upgrade your business equipment before the holidays. Customers rely on fast, secure, and convenient transactions. Meeting these needs will help you fulfill the needs of both your business and customers, leading to maximized revenue.

For Maximizing Revenues:


  •  Up your marketing.

Consider investing in marketing for your business or giving your current efforts a boost during the Holidays. The more people that can see your products, the more potential business you can get. Tailor ads around holiday gifts and specials that appeal to people looking for presents for their family and friends. Marketing can have a positive effect on your customer volume during your busy season.

  • Consider an online store.

Open up an online or e-commerce store to complement your retail store. An online store helps your business in multiple efforts. Businesses with websites get more credibility when customers search online and an e-commerce store gives customers another outlet to learn about products and place orders. Along with these advantages, your customer volume may increase due to selling products or services both online and in-store. Setting up an online store is a great tactic to take advantage of any time but if you are looking to maximize your sales, the holidays season is a perfect time to get started.

For Customer and Employee Satisfaction:

  • Deliver exceptional experiences.

During the holidays, people are in a hurry to get their gifts and embark on good sales and prices. If you can provide exceptional service on top of getting them what they want they will remember you even after the holidays. This includes ensuring your staff isn’t overwhelmed and overworked as well. Make sure you have everything you need to make every customer’s experience great including adequate staff, quality payment solutions, and tailored business strategies to compensate for the increase in volume.

  • Create holiday-tailored sales and decor.

The holidays are an exciting time, prep your business to embrace the good vibes that come with being able to celebrate, get good deals, and make their families happy. Decorate for thanksgiving, consider putting up a Christmas tree and themed lights for Christmas, and more. You can take this one notch further by transforming your products, specials, and discounts to holiday-themed names and services.  A little holiday spirit can do a lot to set a good ambiance for your customers and staff.


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