Social media is no longer optional. Studies show there are more than 3.78 billion users on social platforms. Imagine how many customers you can reach outside of your company. Check out some of the benefits of social media marketing and how to use it to increase your business revenue.

Become A Recognizable Brand

Think about your favorite brands, would you be able to know exactly who they are by just seeing their logo? The NIKE swoosh is an example of an easily identifiable brand. The goal is to help your company brand achieve the same stardom in your own business industry and element. Social media is a great place to start. First, your business’s posts begin to appear on the news feeds of thousands of potential customers. Then, their brains start to recognize your company logo and name. From there, they begin to check out your business page and services. Just those few seconds have the ability to gain new customers and work wonders for your brand. 

Connect With Your Ideal Customers

I bet you’re thinking, “exactly how social media can connect you to the right customers?” Social platforms utilize features like user interests, likes, and more to match your business to your ideal customer. So, when you put your business online you can automatically reach more customers. Also, you can use your followers to identify what your ideal customer is and other types of audiences to reach out to. 

Increase your Audience and Reach

In the process of putting your business out there on social media, you gain other valuable tools. When a user likes your business page, their friends can see that action. This adds credibility to your business by appealing to users with the approval of their trusted peers. From here, you gain reach (the total number of people who see your content) by simply appealing to one person out of the billions using social media. This process keeps multiplying. Before you know it, your company has a new hefty set of customers.

Market Outside of Business Hours

Gaining customers while you’re sleeping is the dream of every business right? When your business closes, or your store and services are idle, there is nothing bringing customers to your business. Social media marketing makes it possible to continue to gain awareness and customers outside of your business hours or your own marketing efforts. Social advertising can connect with users at any time of day. Your business social pages are always up and active for a customer to learn more about your services. Thus, you can continue to gain customers anytime.

Social Media Marketing = Increased Revenue

Let’s tie it all together, each of the benefits mentioned above can deliver increased revenue to your business. Marketing 24/7 will gain more than your daily or average customer. Expanding reach in your business helps you appeal to more customers by utilizing their own actions and connections. The more people you reach, the bigger your company audience becomes. Most importantly, you’re on your way to becoming a recognizable brand. In other words, Investing in social media marketing can both save you time and increase leads and revenue in your business.

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