“The future of money is digital currency.”

Bill Gates


 Cryptocurrency is Everywhere you turn and it’s not expected to leave anytime soon.  So we might as well use it to our advantage. The most popular of cryptocurrency options in the market is Bitcoin receiving over 300,000 transactions per day. Now with Bitcoin ATMs,  your business can have a seat at the bitcoin table and bring in some extra cash, customers, and more along the way. 


Navigating “The New Normal”

Business is on the verge of getting “back to normal” but the way we do business has transformed. 

  • Customers are rarely found with a stash of cash in their wallets, so businesses are paying more transaction costs while their customer visits are not yet steady. 
  • People have gotten used to “the new normal” of purchasing most items online or through a delivery service. 
  • The rise of many non-traditional banks included with company services without fees for deposits, maintaining accounts, or overdrafts, have resulted in many Americans dropping the quest for traditional banks. 
  • Businesses have been left with the costs of the drastically changing market and trying to keep up with the demands and acquisition of customers. 


A Solution: Bitcoin ATMs

Fortunately, Bitcoin ATMs have provided a probable solution for businesses to handle all these changes, offset their business costs, and even bring in new passive income sources. 

  • Bitcoin ATMs allow all customers to buy and sell cryptocurrency. So customers who have adopted non-traditional banking opportunities don’t miss out on the new cryptocurrency wave.
  • Simply, housing a Bitcoin ATM puts your company on the map for Bitcoin. Customers know they can visit your store to engage in cryptocurrency opportunities and even purchase some goods and services while they’re visiting. 
  • Your business makes some extra money on the side from ATM service fees, bitcoin kiosk company payouts, and traditional cash withdrawals. Plus your company can save on transaction fees if customers can withdraw money and pay for services with cash. A low-maintenance way to offset business costs and gain income in the process.
  • Bitcoin ATMs will get customers up and out of the house, a reason to visit your store and learn about products and services. Don’t forget, whether they buy your services or just utilize the bitcoin ATM you still make some money.


Additional Advantages of Bitcoin ATMs

Aside from bringing in a new income source and diverse customers, Bitcoin ATMs can provide other advantages to your business. 

  • Bitcoin ATMs have all the benefits of traditional ATMs with Bitcoin compatibility. Now your business has an in-store cash provider that you collect the fees from.
  • Just having the ATM gives your business free marketing. Now your business is listed among others that they can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from or simply withdraw quick cash.
  • Security is not a risk, with the top-notch security that both ATMs and cryptocurrency bring to the table.
  • Bitcoin ATM technology will continue to advance, this means the possibility for compatibility to buy and sell other types of cryptocurrencies that will only enhance the current benefits. Studies show these features are already in the works.

Get a Bitcoin ATM Today!

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