No matter what we do, we can’t seem to escape fees. 

Getting more education for your career? There’s a fee for attending.

Buying a new house? There’s a fee for living on the land.

Starting your own business? There’s a fee for…just about everything. You even have to pay just to get paid for your services. Luckily, this is one fee you CAN get rid of. Let us show you how you can eliminate Processing Fees with the MSS Pay Cash Discount Program. 


What is the Cash Discount Program?

The Cash Discount Program is designed to help businesses gain more revenue by taking away unnecessary processing fees. This program incentivizes customers to pay with cash instead of credit cards. I bet you’re wondering why cash is so special. Simply put, cash does not require any extra fees for the business. When customers pay with credit cards the business has to pay a percentage of every transaction back to the card issuer. The Cash Discount Program aims to get more sales with fewer fees. This makes it possible for businesses to make more profit from their goods and services. 


How does the Cash Discount Program work?

We learned a little about where the Cash Discount Program gets its name from and what the ultimate goal is above. So, if customers still don’t choose to pay in cash is the program useless? Not at all, my friends. The Cash Discount Program still provides a way for your company to eliminate processing fees no matter how your customers choose to pay.


If your customers choose to pay by credit card you simply add in a convenience fee for the service. Convenience fees are quite common and overlooked 99% of the time. The small fee is equal to the amount your business has to pay to the card issuer for accepting that specific credit card. This does not mean the business is charging unfairly, they are charging the exact price it costs to take that payment and the sale itself. Although the total fee you charge is ultimately up to you, this gives you the chance to completely remove processing fees. In return, passing transaction fees to customers who prefer to use credit cards for payment and incentivizing customers to pay with cash leaves your business with zero transaction costs.


What does your business gain from the Cash Discount Program?

After a while, fees begin to add up. Think about how much money you could be saving monthly, yearly, and even daily if you did not have to turn around and pay transaction costs for every sale you make. If you got one dollar back in transaction fees for 50 card purchases daily, you just made fifty extra dollars that day or saved fifty dollars. Keep that up for a month and you’ll have an extra $1500 in your pocket that month, and an extra $18,000 at the end of that year.


The Cash Discount Program increases the revenue in your business by passing on processing costs to the customers. You get to take home 100% of every sale you make. The options are endless to what you can do with the money you save, upgrade your business, finally get to some costly repairs, give your employees a deserved raise, or simply take a fat shopping spree.


How can I get started?

The Cash Discount Program is available to any business that accepts credit cards. Learn more about the Cash Discount Program here:

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