Contactless Payments: A payment processing option that allows credit, debit cards, and other payment options to take payments using near contact and radio frequencies from smart devices. It only takes a tap or hover from your phone to undergo a transaction. It’s fast, simple, and secure. And let’s be honest it’s pretty cool to see a transaction taken without touch. Here are a few ways contactless payments can make your business and customers happy.


It’s So Convenient

How many times have you or a customer realized you accidentally left your card at home? What about when you swipe, swipe, and swipe again and the payment device still can’t read your card. We’ve all been there. This is where contactless payments come in handy. According to a survey from, over 150 million Americans have mobile wallets installed on their phone and have used them at some point in their life. This includes popular wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. So when a customer finds themselves in a sticky situation or just for convenience, they can seamlessly pay for their goods and services with contactless payments. 


Get More Life Out Of Your Equipment

Picture this: the hundreds of customers that use your POS devices and card terminals daily. Cards constantly get shoved in and out, the machines get pushed around, and more. This is a lot of wear in tear on your equipment every day, and we dare not to think about this yearly. Though, if you offer contactless payments you get less damage and your equipment life usage immediately increases. Contactless payments can save you time and money.


Protect Your Employees and Customers

Since covid has been around everyone is a bit more cautious of what they are touching and aware of places germs may be. As a business owner, you are probably on top of making sure you do what you can to keep equipment and your store sanitized. Credit card machines go through many hands throughout the workday, and when business is busy it might be hard to make sure those precautions are still happening. Contactless payments also lend a hand in safety by taking away the need to actually touch any equipment. Even if the pandemic situation is rectified the attention to safety is likely something businesses and people want to keep around for the long haul.


Make the move to an easier business life with Contactless Payments. 

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